DREAM on Set

DREAM on Set

the story of chilipepperlabs,inc. 

The most successful products are developed out of a need and the story of ChilipepperLABS, Inc. and DREAM is no different. Co-founders and Camera/Steadicam Operators George Billinger and Manolo Rojas have been developing HD Wireless Transmission since 2009, when Directors and DPs on set started asking for HD Monitoring out of the Steadicam. Unfortunately, at that time there was nothing available on the market capable of wireless transmission of full HD video at decent latency.  Using all the possible technologies available at that time, they were able to put together the first prototype capable of full HD transmission.

The first prototype developed in 2009 was just the beginning, and the R&D never stops. After many years of testing and redesigning on sets of the biggest movies and commercials in Hollywood, they were encouraged by their own community to start manufacturing the DREAM--the most film industry oriented HD Wireless Video Link available on the market today.

Some companies are measured by the depth of their capital, square footage of their building, annual sales, or the the number of employees they have. We measure our company based on our customer’s feedback and the value they bring to us. We are a HUGE company! 

100% Designed on Hollywood Sets

George  — George Billinger has over 30 years of experience in high-level productions as a Camera/ Steadicam Operator and DP.  He has worked on productions such as Terminator Salvation, Oblivion, Indiana Jones, Thor, Godless, Big Love, Terminator Genisys, Funny People, Lincoln, War of the Worlds, The Soloist and many more. He has worked with countless Directors and DPs in Hollywood -- Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Janusz Kaminski, Claudio Miranda, Peter Deming, Kramer Morgenthau, Joe Wright, etc. He is currently serving his second term as the President of the Society of Camera Operators (SOC).

Manolo — Manolo Rojas is a Camera/Steadicam Operator with over 27 years of experience in high level productions. He has worked on large productions such as Godzilla, Step Up 5 3D, Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, Insidious Chapter 3, Twin Peaks (2017), X-Men The New Mutants, Don Jon, Jackie and many more. After the design and manufacturing of his first Steadicam at the age of 18, he has been deeply involve in 3D CAD, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. As a Design Engineer for the film and television industries for many years his past and current projects include RGB LED lighting, Steadicam systems, Remote Heads, Video Conversion, Power distribution systems, etc. In 1999, he invented the first RGB LED Light for the Film Industry (Patent: WO2003015067 A1), the patent of this light today is own by Kino Flo.  As the chief designer of ChilipepperLABS, Inc., he has an unparalleled understanding of Video Link technology and how Video Signal needs to flow in the high-level Film Industry set.  

founders, george + Manolo

Co-Founders George Billinger (left) and Manolo Rojas (right)

Co-Founders George Billinger (left) and Manolo Rojas (right)

our Customers: The real creators of dream

If not for the feedback from a talented group of Film Industry professionals, DREAM wouldn’t be what it is today.

We are forever thankful to our DREAM lovers. 


BOb hall, focus puller


david Eubank, focus puller. 


Richard Masino, Focus Puller.

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currently in use on the set of feature films and world-class productions, dream is quickly becoming the preferred wireless video link used by high level film industry professionals.