Sustainable shipping


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we practice sustainable shipping through Unconventional packaging


At ChilipepperLABS, Inc. we take steps to reduce our waste and reduce our ecological footprint. We might be a little aggressive about it (see left), but its something we take seriously. 

 One way that we do this is by practicing sustainable shipping practices. Our packaging isn't filled with the typical materials you're used to seeing--you'll find shredded cardboard, old newspapers and other recycled papergoods filling our boxes.

The boxes that house our RX + TX sets comes with a reusable foam that fits perfectly into a Pelican 1450 case or equivalent. It's another great way to recycle the packaging materials we provide. 

We try to eliminate any use of single use plastics (we hate that stuff!), but if we do come across some we like to recycle it and use it and encourage you to do the same if it comes to your door. We hope these small steps create lasting change for a more beautiful and sustainable planet for all of us to love.  


We do not want to put more plastic in this world

in order to reuse the most we can, our packaging foam fits into a Pelican 1450 or equivalent.