ChillipepperLABS has been really responsive to feedback about what assistants need on set
— Dan Ming

Design + Development + assembly

At ChilipepperLABS, Inc. we don't leave quality up to chance. From the initial design specifications to the final assembly of components, we take a true "hands on" approach. 

the process

The first step in the development of a product is the design phase. The design phase is where big ideas become a reality. Prototypes are designed in 3D Cad and then make them reality using 3-D Printing technology. This allows for real-time testing of prototypes on-set before they go into production. After rigorous testing and feedback of a lot of people on the real set, the design is further refined and then placed into production. 

After the components have been produced, they are assembled by hand in our Ventura shop. Each connection and function is tested to ensure the highest level of quality for our customers.